Ressources pédagogiques

Ressource pédagogique No 1            https://learnenglish.britishcouncil.org/general-english
The No 1 Educational Website to learn English as a foreign language has to be…. The British Council ! (in my humble opinion). 
All my own students at intermediate level love it!  Very useful/ clear and user-friendly for self-study.   You’ll find all 4 skills (Listening, Reading, Speaking, Writing) from A1 to C1 (under the ‘skills’ tab).
There’s also a business section, another website for children, one for teens (top right-hand corner) and much much more (vocabulary, grammar, podcasts..). There are transcripts for the recordings, exercises with answers etc…  If there’s only one website you would like to focus on.. this is THE ONE!    
For some unknown reasons, it’s often difficult to find it unless you have the proper link (above) but once you’ve visited it, you’ll forget the others.  Of course you will guess from its name that it is in BRITISH  so very few Americanisms there. Enjoy! 

Traduction rapide: Le meilleur site pédagogique anglophone pour apprendre l’anglais: The British Council !     Pour étudier en autonomie avec les 4 compétences langagières : compréhension écrite/ orale, expression écrite/ orale) du niveau A1 (débutant) à C1 (avancé). Il y a également une section "anglais professionnel" , un site pour les enfants, un autre pour les ados et d’autres rubriques: vocabulaire, grammaire. Vous trouverez le script des enregistrements et les réponses aux exercices proposés. Que dire de plus.   ANGLAIS BRITANNIQUE, donc peu d’américanismes ici.